Inclusion, diversity, and interculturality

EduFem is a young non-for-profit organisation with the aim of offering activities and informal/non-formal educational programmes in our community, paying especial attention to vulnerable groups -such as migrants and women.

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Labour integration

Training and job for all

Support to minorities

Diversity and Inclusion promotion

Languages for migrants

Classes adapted to migrants

School activities

A wide range of courses and languages

Translation and interpretation

A wide range of languages

Gender inclusion

Respect and gender inclusion

For people and entities

Community centre

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EduFem aims to boost local civic participation in social projects and programmes. That’s why we are committed to place continuous learning at the core of social inclusion actions. We do not only offer educational activities, but we also collaborate closely with education centers, organisations of migrants, women association, and public bodies among others to help eachother and muliply our impact on the community.


people every year

Promotes civic participation


EduFem’s mission is to raise awareness about the importance of active citizenship to feel part of our community. EduFem also seeks to support vulnerable groups of our society (such as migrants, women, people with economic disadvantages…) to improve their competences, help them get into the labour market, implement their own initaties, or even find funding opportunities for their professional projects.

Educational, civic, and social actions

Get ready for change

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